Removing Echinacea angustfolia Seeds from the Cones
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Tom Wilkinson
Posted: Before April 1998

Would someone there please give me a hint as to how I could remove the seeds from my [Echinacea] angustifolia cones. I have quite alot to do.

Commercial seed producers use a mechanical thresher that squeezes the "cones" so that the seeds pop out. The cones are allowed to dry throughly before they are put through the machine. If you are handcleaning, squeeze the cones by applying weight. A simple way is to lay the cones out on a sheet and step on them with your feet. Separate the cones from the seeds using a large guage screen. A finer screen will remove dust and small seeds. This will leave you with seeds that are clean enough for seeding.

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