Lavender Suitable for Florida (Zone 9)
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Bob and Alta Toms
Posted on: January 26, 1999

Please advise me on the planting of lavender for North Florida (Jacksonville) area. Our main concern: does it need to have well drained soil? We want to put about 2 acres down in lavender. How many trays will I need to do this?

Jacksonville, Florida is in zone 9 and therefore almost too warm for most English lavenders. lavenders. Of the Lavandula angustifolia varieties that we sell only the "Twickle Purple" variety is rated for zone 9. However, you still have 9 other varieties to choose from and of these only the Provence lavender is not rated for zone 9. You should be able to succeed with Canary Island lavender, fernleaf lavender, French lavender, grosso lavender, Spanish lavender, Spanish grey lavender, spike lavender, sweet lavender and woolly lavender.

Lavenders all need well-drained soil, which is not too rich, but it should be deep and contain some lime. The pH should be between 6.4 and 8.2 with optimal pH being 7.2. Full sun is essential for good blooming.

In the literature the recommendation is to space lavender 25 to 200 centimeters by 25 to 75 centimeters. At the closest spacing of 25 by 25 centimeters you will need about 160,000 plants per hectare or 64,000 plants per acre. Each tray contains about 120 plants and it would require about 1350 trays per hectare or 550 trays per acre. For the spacing of 200 by 25 centimeters divide the number of trays required by 8 and for the loosest spacing of 200 by 75 centimeters divide the number of trays by 24.

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