Where to Sell Snakeroot?
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Jo Ann Roufs
Posted on: August 15, 1999

My sister wants to know where she can sell freshly dug snakeroot. Any suggestions?

"Snakeroot" is a common name given to a number of botanicals, including Rudbeckia (Kansas) and Echinacea (Missouri). Both of these genus enjoy marketing. Echinaceas, of course, are more than 10x the market for the Rudbekias. There are other "Snakeroots," as well.

How much were you planning to harvest? This will determine to whom you sell your product. Did you want a local buyer (10,000-lb.), regional buyer (40,000-lbs.), or national buyer (100,000-lb.). All are listed in my book, "Potential Of Herbs As A Cash Crop" (available from Richters), including how to approach them.

I suspect you should start with a local buyer, as they will take the time to talk to you. If you try and sell 2,000 lbs. to a regional or national buyer, they probably will not give you the time of day. They need inventory lots that are more uniform, and don’t vary from one collector to another.

And, most buyers want dried root, rather than fresh. Only local buyers will generally purchase the fresh root, making their extra profit line in drying the roots for their regional markets. There are a few regional extractors who might also purchase fresh roots.

You might want to educate yourself on the various "dos" and "don’t" when entering this field. I recommend my two books "The Potential of Herbs As A Cash Crop" and "Native Plants Of Commercial Importance" as a place to get started. Also read these various postings for depth in other herbs.

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