Production Time to Marketable Plants
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Julie Poirier
Posted on: January 27, 2000

I’d like to know how many weeks it takes to grow the following plants to a marketable 3 1/2 inch pot and if there are any special treatments required such as freezing or what not.

I will put the approximate number of weeks it takes to produce a marketable 3 1/2 inch (9 centimeter) pot from seeds, beside the name of the plant -- plus any germination comments.

Betony -- Stachys officinalis

17 weeks.

Cicely, Sweet -- Myrrhis odorata

27 weeks -- keep seed flat outdoors during winter.

Clary -- Salvia sclarea

15 weeks.

Coreopsis -- Coreopsis tinctoria

8 weeks.

Dill -- Anethum graveolens

6 weeks -- surface sow and press onto soil -- keep in bright spot.

Licorice, Chinese -- Glycyrrhiza uralensis

Not available, but probably about 25 weeks.

Mallow, Mauritian -- Malva sylvestris mauritanica

12 weeks.

Osage-Orange -- Maclura pomifera

13 weeks -- soak seeds in water for 1-5 days, rinsing daily, repeat with detergent water 2-5 days

Painted Daisy -- Tanacetum coccineum

16 weeks.

Pink, Sweet -- Dianthus x hybrida ‘Rainbow Loveliness’

10 weeks.

Rocket, Sweet -- Hesperis matronalis

Not available, but should come in about 4 weeks.

Thyme, Creeping -- Thymus serpyllum

18 weeks.

Wild Bergamot -- Monarda fistulosa

8 weeks -- surface sow and give light.

Wild Indigo -- Baptisia tinctoria

Not available, but other species take 11-13 wks -- puncture seed.

Wormwood -- Artemisia absinthium

17 weeks -- dry store freshly harvested seed 6 months at 21 degrees Celsius.

Yarrow, Red -- Achillea millefolium ‘Rubra’

12 weeks -- dry store freshly harvested seed 6 months at 21 degrees Celsius.

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