Bodegold Chamomile Flowers
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Shirley DeVore
Posted on: April 15, 2002

This is going to sound so silly. I ordered Bodegold Chamomile thinking that it has a yellow flower. I thought I had seen it or read it that it was. However, now that I am preparing the seedlings for resale, I looked it up to be sure. There is no description of the flower. Is it yellow?? Here’s egg on my face! I will say that I think it is more vigorous than German Chamomile.

The ‘Bodegold’ variety of chamomile has the same flowers are the regular german chamomile: white petals and gold centres. ‘Bodegold’ is in fact a type of german chamomile. Its importance lies in its chemical composition; ‘Boldegold’ is considered to be more potent for medicinal use than the regular variety because of its chemical composition.

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