Herb Processing Book
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Jeff Nieuwenhuizen
Posted on: September 10, 2002

Can you give me a little more info on the content of the book, and number of pages A4? Just want to be sure that it will be beneficial to me. It looks like what I want though.

I am currently investigating the viability of a company producing herb ranges in Asia, so am interested in any additional information that you may have regarding international supply of herbs and equipment. I’m assuming your book is mainly regarding N. American sources etc.

The book is based on a successful USDA-SBIR grant that I held back in the late 80s. With the advent of this prototype, more than 20 new facilities have sprung up in various parts of North America. I am now considered the world authority on the farming and marketing of herbs, and my last name is not Miller for nothing..... <grin>

I am a Physicist that previously worked Army Intel (Pentagon) for ten years. I did what you call X-Files. I chose alternative agriculture for the lifestyle (way of life), and am disappointed in the new faces of rural America. This book is primary basics, not found anywhere else. It includes color photos of specific equipment and spread sheets.

I am also available as an outside consultant, and often work for larger Pharmaceutical Houses in their designs of warehouse throughputs (including paper trails and certification). I have more than 38 books in print, and host websites in most countries. Responding to your specific questions:

The book has 24 pages, to include types of processing, basic principles, warehouse requirements, milling and sifting machinery, dust control, sacking requirements, support equipment, budget requirements, and various resources. Several Universities have asked me to expand this into a major textbook for graduate school, but I have had the time (yet).

Yes, the book is primarily centered around North American resources, but I have just been hired by ZY-Chem (Hong Kong) to help them in their processing and marketing. One owner hold a number of beverage companies which I may also participate. My background includes Celestial Seasonings, Botanicals International, and Wilcox Natural Products. I now work with US Pharmaceuticals, and several others.

I could probably design a program which would be suitable for your crops. Let’s start with the question: What crops are you now concerned with processing? I’ve milled almost everything, but let’s see what specifics you might need.

By all means, you should already have my Processing book, and The Potential Of Herbs As A Cash Crop in your library. Both have become classics, and you can get both from Richters (www.richters.com). I have many other titles, by the way.


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