North American Markets Poor in 2002
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Liu Yuhu
Posted on: September 27, 2002

Thank you very much for your previous e-mails!

I have been not very happy because of poor marketing and sales performance during last 2 months. It looks that the US market is very low.

We want to turn to Japan, Korea and Europe but we couldn’t find the right gate for these market. Can you help me?

I do know you are very busy. So turn to me when you get free.

The North American markets (US and Canadian) are in deep depression right now, and is why I sought outside work. While my fortunes have changed for the moment, that all stops with the first rains of Fall - any time now...

I have attached something I wrot on what is happening to US markets and why [see "What Happened to the Herbal Markets?" in the Magazine Rack section]. That continues to remain the case because of the various "Enron"-like businesses, and their corrupt CEO management. Plus, Bush wants us to go to war, which will further worsen the economy. I hate Bush, by the way. He essentially stole the Presidential election, speaking of corruption.

My contact with Japan is quite limited. The only sales I have ever done was with burl and mushrooms. My primary contact is a Korean known as "Top Slicer." He has ALL the restaurant business as the primary importer of gourmet coffees. That probably won’t help for pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers.

I am guessing the US markets may even go into a Great Depression if we are not careful. Right now there is NO credibility in the pharmaceutical trade -- and with good reason. Everyone is a crook. People like myself entered this market originally as a service and alternative to conventional medicine. Who can believe anything right now with all the primary corporation bosses being indicted for crimes.

So, I stay focused on my cone harvests (4 truckloads per week) until the rains close me down. I have more than 150 people in the woods right now working for me on this project. God has been good, as the first day of Fall saw 103 F temperatures -- very dry and no rain.

I personally think the best markets right now are Europe and Asia. I don’t think North America will recover until 2004 -- best guess, and I hope I am wrong. Meanwhile, I have upgraded my resume for physics, as the herb trade now is so bad most of my farmers are losing their land.

I will put together a list of buyers in Europe. I do not know either Japan or Korea (other than my contact for coffee imports). That’s all my Korean friend does. He is very large in this aspect, all beverages into Japan. Do you want his name?

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