Flax Seed or Oil from India and Pakistan
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller and Conrad Richter
Question from: Nawaz
Posted on: December 29, 2004

Will you please tell me the name of flax seed in indo-pak or what is the identification of flax seed?

By "identification" we assume you mean the botanical identity of the type of flax grown or sold or used in India and Pakistan.

Almost certainly it is Linum usitatissimum, the common oilseed flax. This same species is used for linen and for linseed meal. Within this species there are many varieties however, depending on whether it is being grown for oil, linen, seeds (and linseed meal). What specific varieties are grown in India and Pakistan, we do not know.

FAS (Foreign Agricultural Service) online for USDA has reported imports for both India and Pakistan on common flax. Also export data, same product.

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