Importing Sesame Seeds
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Debbie Soliz
Posted on: June 12, 2005

I was wondering if you know of an association for sesame seed producers and buyers? I’m looking for some general contact info as we are interested in importing sesame seed from South America.

I personally would buy domestic produced sesame seed, as it is far better and almost the same price.

The best organized seed producers are out of Arizona and New Mexico. Here are a few growers from my database:

* Steve Sossaman, Higbey, AZ (602) 987-9620

* Jim Newcomer, Portland, OR (503) 222-9771

* Paul Horning, Yuma, AZ (6021) 783-78221

* George Powell, Traverse City, MI (6216) 947-2141

* Mike Hills, Phoenix, AZ (602) 437-4058

Major sources for networking farmers include:

* Sumitoma Corp, Chicago, IL (708) 965-3107 Harry Weiseberg

* Heartland Foods, Vancouver, BC (604) 669-6921 Andrew Stewart

If you are simply trying to sell imported sesame seed to various spice houses and manufacturers, there are numerous directories organized by crop.

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