Buyers of Wild Roots in Tennessee and How to Become a Trader in Wild
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Ann Fisher
Posted on: September 30, 2006

I live in middle Tennessee. I have two questions that I’m hoping you can help me with. I would like to know if you know of anyone in this area that buys goldenseal root and ginseng?

The other is how could I become a trader in buying and selling root products?

Your name seems familiar, as I have known several other Ann Fishers in my life. Is this a common name, like my own? My primary buyer for both goldenseal and ginseng is in Kentucky [Swackhamer, (270) 428-2329]. He can put you in touch with those in Tennessee; mostly farmers now growing both crops certified organic.

I have planned to write a book on how to set up a Buying Station for various regional crops, but haven’t gotten around to it with all the other "white noise" in my life at the moment. Most of my buyers are quite large, buying from 100 or more local harvesters (wildcrafters).

Right now I am doing bark and cones from the West Coast. Trucking it the basic problem, landed price. Because it makes it so uncompetitive with current imports, it’s difficult without a lot of experience and a developed network of harvesters. Do you have that network?

You would be most welcome to call me during normal working hours to discuss other possible directions. Your questions are so broad as to open lots of questions about direction and scope. How else can I help you?

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