Growing Spearmint Commercially in Canada II
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Hoah Harmer
Posted on: September 30, 2006

Thanks for the info.

What is COG? Please explain. A bean harvester? No thanks, scythe, sickle or small hay combine/baler, I’m just starting, this is year 1 and I have no beans. Quantity correction: 20,000 lb x 2.2 = 44,000 lb dry (sorry we’re metric), so about 100,000 lb fresh.

If you’d be willing to work with me on percentage commission of the final sales I’d like to talk more about this. If not please let me know and thanks for your help.

I’m in Canada, just starting out, male, 20, and looking for something to grow around the trees of my new 9000 tree hazelnut orchard while they grow so I can buy more land and plant more trees. If I end up with herbs around the trees I would to farm mint because of the fact that it "chokes" the competition with its leaves like a tree and is perennial.

"COG" means "certified organically grown". You don’t have to own a bean harvester to have someone come in and cut for a percentage of the sale.

And, I don’t sell fresh produce, only dried material. I don’t have those kinds of markets for fresh product, which is primarily restaurants and gourmet food services.

If you are smart, you might select something that could be rotary mowed between trees, like we do grapes. Otherwise the labor involved will put your costs above normal sales. We often did thyme this way, and then used that for oil production.

Mints have their own enemies, including grass and annual weeds. This contaminates the harvest and makes most mints unsaleable.

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