Fresh Herb Statistics
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Laura Conley
Posted on: February 23, 2007 Do you have any statistics on fresh herbs, such as: 1) what is the size of the market ($ or units) in the US or North America 2) how many people cook with fresh herbs 3) how many people garden with fresh herbs 4) increase in popularity of fresh herbs over the last few years

I found an email in your system that the market was worth at least about 100 million in North America in 1999 - any new stats? Sorry, we don’t have anything more recent for the North American fresh herb market. For dried seasonings there is the International Trade Centre’s "World Markets in the Spice Trade 2000-2004" but it is not likely to be what you are looking for.

Do you know where I might find a copy of Seasonings 2004 by Mintel? It looks like it might have lots of stats on herbs... The 2006 Seasonings report is available for $3000 from:

We have not seen the report but information at the above website indicates that the report does cover fresh herbs as well as dried herbs and spices.

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