Echinacea Markets in Alberta
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Dean Pratt
Posted on: March 27, 2007

Where would an Alberta farmer that has inherited a large crop of 3-year old Echinacea angustifolia turn to sell this specialty crop? Is harvesting a challenge that is best left to an experienced grower?

Let’s start with some important questions. For example, how much is a "large crop?" It is quite easy to harvest, and well worth the time and effort. Does it also have a COG tag (certified organically grown)?

You could probably even find someone in the neighborhood to use their own equipment for a percentage of the crop or sale. This is called share cropping, and your crop may be worth upward of $6,000/acre. I am also a broker, who may have immediate markets for this crop.

You need to respond to my question for me to be able to help you further. (541-476-5588) Perhaps a call to my offices one morning might be the best way to approach responses.

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