Wasabi Microgreens II
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Guillaume LaBarre
Posted on: September 03, 2007

I read a Q&A about wasabi microgreens. I personaly tasted wasabi microgreens and I can confirm that it really tastes like the real thing. I bought them from Sungrown Organics in California. Since then I have been trying to find the seeds with no success. I have come to think that the wasabi microgreens are produced from an other variety of seeds.

Do you have any ideas on which seed it could be?

You are correct about Sungrown Organics’ product. Here is what Robin Taylor, President of Sungrown Organics, told us:

"I’ve had numerous requests for my wasabi seed. This is not a true wasabi seed. I use the name to sell my microgreens to chefs and I would prefer not to reveal the variety. I will tell you that you already sell the seed in your catalog. Sorry to be vague but I’m in very competitive market and it would not benefit my company to name the variety of seed that I use for my microgreens."

So which seed from the Richters catalogue could it be? I suspect that it is one of the mustards such as chinese mustard, mizuna mustard, Tendergreen mustard, or perhaps white or brown mustard. Wasabi belongs to the mustard family so it is not surprising that mustard microgreens could have a similar taste. It wouldn’t take too long to find out for sure which variety Sungrown uses because all of these mustards germinate quickly and easily. You just need a sample of the Sungrown Organics product to compare with.

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