Starting a Business Importing Herbs
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Jennifer Zant
Posted on: February 21, 2008

I was hoping you can help me I’m very interested in starting an herb importing biz. I’m a big believer in herbs since being diagnosed with Lyme disease and trying to fight my illness with herbs.

My interest is not in dried herbs but in the oil or pill forms for resale. I believe Europe has the better manufacturers, but I’m not sure. Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated.

I can absolutely help you with Lyme’s disease, including clinical studies and medical doctor referrals. I may not be able to help you with your import business because you have made some assumptions that may not be true. Let’s start with Europe having better manufacturing.

Flat out, they don’t. In fact, per dollar spent, American agriculture is still the "best buy" for you buck. One gets more value per dollar spent than with any other country in the world. Certainly, "cheaper" in the "Wal-Mart" metaphor is what people seek right now, but when you are sick, you want the "best buy" for the money spent.

China, as the single largest exporter, has tried to ruin our markets, by not having any "due diligence" on such things as adulterants and heavy metals. Being certified organic means nothing if they don’t check what is inside the tablet. While European laws are more strict, they are not as thorough as US or Canadian laws.

The whole thing is about politics. And, agriculture is what made us strong and competitive. As we turn more of this over to over-populated countries, we also loose the value of our dollar. My metaphysics would be to focus on American and North American production.

Moving to a more important subject to you, your health, there is now a pharmaceutical mushroom blend that is being used by hospitals and doctors. That product, Ridoxolan Plus, has numerous clinical studies and current monitoring to support it’s use for adjunct treatment

All the products are grown and blended in the United States (Carson City, NV), and are certified organic. It is also the cheapest blend of this kind anywhere in the world.

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