Where to Sell Chamomile
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Caleb
Posted on: March 10, 2008

My brother and I are growing some chamomile this summer but we do not know were to sell it. Could you help us please?

If you have a quality product, selling it will be no problem -- even to the local herb store. I just sold more than 100 lbs. of Panax ginseng, COG (certified organically grown), to my local store. He plans to tincture and specialize, having a "sale." The same is true for any GOOD chamomile (rightly priced)... Everyone wants something that "cups" right -- even Celestial Seasonings.

Of course, marketing is an artform, and I have written many articles on how to sell something. You should begin with my book "The Potential of Herbs As A Cash Crop." This is available from Richters, Acres, USA, or even me.


Articles on marketing include




If you do actually produce 2,000 lbs. of quality Chamomile flowerheads, COG, I will help you sell them. I have numerous buyers who have wanted me to develop my business plan for this crop. But, at age 64, I took early retirement, and it is someone else’s turn to do these things. I am available as an outside consultant, of course.


Good luck with this venture. It should be fun.

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