Producing and Marketing Red Clover Blossom Syrup
Answered by: Rick Miller
Question from: Angela Hoffort

My family has recently decided to put our efforts into a business producing and marketing Syrup from Red Clover Blossoms. I am looking for some advice about how we should go about this as a business. Namely, I am trying to decide if we should focus on producing a line of products made from edible flowers or if we should focus our efforts on the one main product (Red Clover Syrup) and start with that? We do not have a commercial processing facility yet, however that is in the works for the next year or two. This year, we may buy one or two key pieces of the eventual processing system in order to help us function.

Your primary markets are wide open, with both Toronto and New York City probably being the abundant. Back then, that market exceeded 12M, just for deli trade alone. People want to eat something new, and have it feel like it is also healthy.

That is where I would begin. The syrups are also a great idea, but I think they are a more limited in total markets and where they are sold. Check one or two local grocery stores and see for yourself. Plus, I think the profit margins would greater with exotic greens and flowerheads. These two product lines could then be sold as a business at some point, like Cascadia Farms, or Starbucks (herbal coffees).

Your processing facility must also include a walk-in freezer, and COG-registered machinery for preparing and packaging your products. This is above and more than just certifying your field production. For high-end products like you propose, you must also certify EVERYTHING Organically handled. You need to build a solid business plan. What you really have to sell here is labour. To need a solid market plan in your overall scheme, and know if you want to eventually sell this to some large corporation as valued business property.

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