Missouri farm
Answered by: Rick Miller
Question from: Linda
Posted on: November 16, 2009

My brother and I have a small family farm in Missouri. Presently on our approximately 300 acre farm we grow corn and soybeans and also put up some hay. The different portions of the farm soil vary from clay to gumbo to black dirt.

I’m looking for an additional crop to subsidize our present operation. I read your article on lavender and see that it is probably not a profitable crop.

Could you possibly give me some ideas of a way to further utilize our ground? Are sunflowers are possibility?

I’d appreciate any ideas you might give me.

Lavender, of course, cannot make much money, especially from the lands you described. Here is a list of crops suitable for consideration for your region at http://www.richardalanmiller.com/midwest/midwest_crops.htm

Sunflower seed is grown in your region as a cash crop, but again, the margins make it almost out of the question. It can be profitably grown for COG sprouting greens, and other niche markets. I think Cargill is perhaps one of the larger buyers for the seed.

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