Wholesale Markets for Wildcrafted Juniper and Mullein
Answered by: Rick Miller
Question from: Kelli
Posted on: September 13, 2010

I have bulk Juniperus Monosperma and Mullein ready for harvest and for sale.

The markets for mullein are quite limited, and your best bet is to try contacting regional wholesalers directly. They will want to see samples, of course. I don’t think the markets will hold more than 10 ton maximum.

Juniper is another matter. Specific juniper berries are used to make gin, and other alcoholic beverages. The needles are used in potpourri and smudge sticks and incenses. These are market niches which should be explored. "Bulk" can mean many, many different levels of volumes. The berries a gin mill will harvest is done by machine, and with very specific junipers.

Marketing resources will be determined once "bulk" is better defined. Incense companies can be found in almost every state. Gin mills are mostly found in the eastern states, as east coast junipers are quite different than those found in the West.

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