Growing Goldenseal
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Cathy
Posted: Before April 1998

I love this page and have used your plants before. I look forward to getting a new cataloge soon and the newsletter.

I wanted to ask a question about how to grow goldenseal effectively? Do you have fresh root and suggestions for its growth? Really interested in this herb. Your help or advice would be appreciated.

Goldenseal is a woodland plant requiring roughly the same conditions as American ginseng. Its hardiness range is approximately zones 5 to 8. It requires shade and rich, well drained soil typical of deciduous forests. It will not grow under coniferous trees.

Some ginseng growers are beginning to grow goldenseal as a follow-up crop to ginseng. They are attracted to the high price goldenseal commands, and the fact that goldenseal grows in the same conditions as ginseng.

Goldenseal does not like high humidity or high heat. We have found that it will not survive in our greenhouses in summer. It will not grow in southern areas where humidity and heat are extreme.

We sell plants (in spring only) and live rootlets (in late summer and fall only). We also sell seeds, but they are not recommended because they do not germinate reliably. Anyone planning to get into the goldenseal growing business should purchase rootlets.

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