Lavender for Northern Ontario
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Ita Sawyer
Posted: Before April 1998

Have been searching your catalogue. Interested in lavender. Which lavender would be suitable for zone 2b? Prefer short height if possible. Plant in groups of two?

None of the lavenders is rated hardy in zones lower than zone 5. It may be possible to "push" lavender to zone 4 or or even 3, but we are very sceptical that it would survive zone 2. To "push" a zone means to provide optimum outdoor conditions such as excellent soil drainage, protection from the north wind, mulching with straw or other materials, etc. so that the plant stands a better chance to survive our winters.

Consider growing varieties that can be grown as annuals. ‘Lady’ is probably your best bet because it will flower the first year from seeds if the seeds are started early. Seeds need to be planted February or March for outdoor planting in late May.

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