Growing Hops
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Adele G.
Posted: Before April 1998

This year I will be growing hops for the first time. I have a choice of two locations in which to situate them. The first is in zone five on a fairly dry sandy soil. The second is in zone 4 on a heavy clay soil. Which would the hops prefer? Thanks!

Hops is rated hardy in zones 3-9. It is a vigorous grower which we have found is happy in sandy soil with a full sun exposure. In our area we get moderate rainfall so we have never needed to irrigate once the plant is established after the first year. However, if you are finding that the vines are showing signs of wilting during hot spells it is a good idea to supply water.

A yearly top-dressing of well rotted manure around the base of the plant is a good idea. The plant is a heavy feeder and the extra organic fertilizer will be beneficial.

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