Thymus Lanuginosus Seeds
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Barbara Huebel
Posted: Before April 1998

I have been looking in vain for woolly thyme seeds to plant between stepping stones (actually it’s a small patio made of stepping stones). Sunset suggests them since they are drought tolerant (I live in southern California), and low growing. My thought is that if they came in seed format, I could mix them with sand (?) and sweep it between the cracks. The thought of planting wooly thyme plants, which I have found, between all of these stones does not sit well with me or my knees. Please, is this something that you carry, or is there something else that you would recommend that comes in seed format.

We have never seen woolly thyme seeds either. Commercially it is propagated by division and cuttings only. It is probable that the plant is sterile and so does not produce seeds.

There is a lower cost solution to buying pots of woolly thyme. You can get plug trays containing 120 plants. The plugs are small enough to allow easy planting between stepping stones. Best of all they are not expensive to buy. Plugs are priced about 33 cents each in U.S. funds.

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