Growing Garlic
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Dan Corcoran
Posted: Before April 1998

Thanks for responding to my request for a catalog. I will be looking forward to receiving it in the mail. I did have a question about growing garlic, and technically I don’t think it is categorized as an herb, but I thought you might have some info anyway. I am a garlic lover, and use it frequently in cooking. I have a small home garden and would like to try growing my own. (Garlic, that is!) Anyway, I’ve never tried it before and would like info on growing and storing of this wonderful little bulb.

Garlic most certainly is considered a herb! Not only is it used to flavour foods in the classical sense, it is also an important medicinal plant used in herbal medicines which promote circulation and for its antibiotic properties.

Garlic is surprisingly easy to grow. Among the hardiest of herbs, it easily survives zone 4 or even zone 3. The cloves are planted in fall for harvest the following summer. They can also be planted in early spring but the yield is not as great. In southern Ontario, the "Music" variety is now the most widely planted strain because of its consistently good yields and its large size and hardiness. Ron Engeland’s book "Growing Great Garlic" (available from Richters) is the best source of information on growing garlic for both personal use and the commercial market.

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