Fragrant herbs to Grow Indoors
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Pattie Hunt
Posted: Before April 1998

I want to grow some herbs indoors this winter that are fragrant and easy to care for. Got any suggestions?

Most herbs are sun-worshipers. In our northern latitudes, the amount of sunlight reaching plants in even the brightest windows is perhaps one tenth of summer sunlight outdoors. If you are growing herbs for use in cooking or tea, you must adjust your expectations downward and not harvest too much or the plants will perish.

If you want to grow herbs for fragrance only, then you will have an easier time because even with lower light, herbs will grow enough to maintain themselves until the summer. Some good choices for a south, east or west window with direct sun exposure are the scented geraniums (available in many fragrances such as lemon, apple, rose and nutmeg), lavenders (French and Spanish, but not the English types), mints (most varieties), and rosemaries. Some of the more unusual herbs like broadleaf thyme and Cuban oregano are very well adapted to indoor culture. Avoid varieties such as jasmine known for their fragrant flowers because they are unlikely to flower in winter.

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