Listing of Botanical Nomenclature
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Moses Goldberg
Posted: Before April 1998

Where would I find a complete listing of all botanical nomenclature with Latin & common names of the world? Specifically Aspergillus terreus? Where on the net?? or a book?

Probably the most complete source of botanical nomenclature is the multi-volume series, Index Kewensis, published by Kew Gardens in Britain. The cost and the technical terminology makes this source impractical for most herb enthusiasts. Some university botany libraries have the series if you need highly technical information about obscure plant species.

Many professionals and amateurs rely on sources such as Hortus Third published by the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorum at Cornell University. Hortus Third is a compilation of cultivated plants. It does not list many common names and is out-of-date in many areas such as basil, lavender and thyme. It covers only flowering plants, so lower plant forms like the fungi, of which Aspergillus terreus is a member, are not covered.

An excellent reference on herbs is Deni Bown’s Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses. This book has over 1000 varieties of herbs listed. It is available from Richters. Most herbs we have looked for are in this book, including many of the rarer Chinese, African and Indian herbs found in Richters herb catalogue.

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