Hardiness of Tree Wormwood
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Margaret Lauterbach
Posted: Before April 1998

1. Last year’s catalog identified the tree wormwood (Artemisia arborescens) as a tender perennial. This year it is identified as perennial. Is this an oversight or have you determined it is hardy? How hardy?

This is a typographical error in the 1997 catalogue. The duration should be "TP" for tender perennial. The plant is rated hardy in zones 8-9.

Margaret Lauterbach inquires

2. How many days to maturity for the African cucumber? Full sun? Water requirements?

We do not have the exact days of maturity because we never counted the days to first harvest. It is later than melons and cucumbers – about 100 days. It requires full sun and plenty of water like other cucurbits.

Margaret Lauterbach inquires

3. My friend has grown eclipta the last two years and neither time has it done well. She’d like to grow it to a harvestable stage, but doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong. Culture suggestions?

Eclipta is a weed in China, Nepal and India. In our greenhouses we have had no difficulty growing it. It is a low-growing herb reaching a height of only 10 cm (4 inches). Perhaps its low stature is part of the problem. To harvest, it is necessary to cut down to the ground level.

Margaret Lauterbach inquires

4. She’s curious about a missing salvia. Have you grown Salvia alpina? Do you plan to?

We have never grown it. It is not listed in "Hortus Third", Stephen Facciola’s "Cornucopia", or any other reference we consulted. We are always interested in learning about herbs new to us so if your friend can provide information about the plant and a reference to its uses we will investigate the plant and its availability.

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