Mulberry in Southern Ontario
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Lisa Sylvestre
Posted on: April 5, 1998

I am interested in a Mulberry tree (catalogue p.49) but I need to know how large it will grow. I live just outside of Windsor so I assume that it will do well here.

The black mulberry should do fine in your area. It is rated hardy to zones 7-9, but it has survived at my place in Zone 5A in a sheltered spot for many years. I eventually got rid of it, because severe winters damaged the top so badly that it had to practically regrow and therefore never produced any berries. The white mulberry is much hardier and if you grow it for the berries it will fruit well in Zone 5 once it is mature. I think you are in Zone 7 and should not have my problems!

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