Rau Om, Date Palm Cultural Information
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Beth Bertelsen
Posted on: April 5, 1998

We purchased rau-om and date palms from you (as well as seeds) but I can’t find culture or growing information on them. Would you be kind enough to send me any information you might have?

All we know about the Vietnamese herb, rau om, is that it likes wet, rich soil. It grows well for us under those conditions under glass, although it can easily turn yellow if supplemental feedings are not provided.

Date palms like fertile well-drained soil in sun to half-shade. They grow to 30 metres or more, but take so long to do so that they make excellent houseplants for the lifetime of the ordinary mortal! They also like a pH of 5-8.2, but do best at 6.5. When grown from seed the seeds germinate in 24-90 days at 24 degrees Celsius or warmer. The roots form first and 2-3 months later a shoot will emerge. Plant seeds as soon as you receive them because seeds are short lived.

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