Beebalm and Pelargoniums
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Christina Gomez
Posted on: April 5, 1998

Do you have beebalm and what conditions does it need?

We have a good selection of beebalm listed under the more common name, bergamot (Monarda spp.). Check our online catalogue under "B Herbs" for more information. Bergamots like well-drained, moist, rich soil in full sun.

Do you have advice for bringing pelargoniums inside, most of mine did not survive?

Pelargoniums do best in full sun and therefore find indoor winter conditions somewhat trying in a house. To make sure they don’t start the hard times with damaged roots to repair, plant them outside pot and all in whatever pot you plan to overwinter them indoors. then when you bring them in the fall they will not have less shock to contend with. Put them in the sunniest window you have or close to the lights under flourescent lights. Keep evenly moist but not soggy wet. If possible don’t trim them too much at this time either. A high phosphate fertilizer will compensate somewhat for the lack of strong light.

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