Easy Herbs for Nebraska
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Monte Howder
Posted on: April 5, 1998

I live in northern Nebraska and would like suggestions on plant that should thrive in my part of the country and have a reputation for easy to grow and would fill in a lot of area with flowers and great a smell. Not just for herbs, but for beauty.

Among the whole universe of gardening plants there are, no doubt, hundreds of possibilities. Specialists in the areas of annuals, shrubs and perennials can help you there. I suggest that you visit some of the Internet gardening sites that offer advice – try www.garden.com, www.gardenweb.com for a start.

Among the herbs that we carry that will give scent and look good too, there are interesting possibilities: the old fashioned roses, thymes, lavenders, and some of the showier scented geraniums (but scented geraniums are not hardy and are normally treated as annuals).

If you are intrigued to try herbs both for ornament and use, there is an excellent full colour book with lots of wonderful suggestions: "Landscaping With Herbs" by Jim Wilson. The book is available from Richters and there is a description in our online catalogue (http://www.richters.com).

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