Herbs to Grow with Marigolds
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Craig and Jordan Smith
Posted on: April 6, 1998

I have money on account with you and I am looking to purchase some seed. I like to grow marigolds as they are quite easy and are a very harty plant. Can you please recommend 3 or 4 others as a combination that I counld grow in our front garden and planters. The front garden is only about 5 square feet but I have several planters I like to put out. Not only the plant but the color would help to. I’m not that fussy about winning the garden of the block I would just like some color and reasonably low maintenance as my five year old likes to help.

Some other easy plants are borage (blue), german chamomile (white, yellow center), columbine (red, blue, yellow & white), coreopsis (georgeous yellow with red), citrus-scented marigolds (yellow, orange or red), nasturtiums (yellow, orange, red), corn poppy (shades of red and pink-easy if planted before last frosts in spring), sunflower (yellow with brown center) and for the easiest perennial try golden marguerite – it but may not flower the first year.

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