Herbs as Ground Cover in Zones 5-6
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Len and Cheryl Walker
Posted on: April 6, 1998

We would be extremely grateful if you could provide information to help in plant selection in the following situation.

Location: Kingston Ontario Zone 5-6, Moderated due to Fronting on Lake Ontario; Steep bank 30-45 degrees well drained ; facing the prevailing winds southwest; partial shade to full afternoon sun.

Desired planting: To replace weedy grass; area to be covered approx 500 to 700 sq ft; culinary Herbs suitable for ground cover;

Due to the area to be covered and number of plants required, we would consider starting the plants from seed, or propagation from established plants.

Any information or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We’ve had good success with your herbs purchased through a local retailer.

The situation you describe would grow a lot of herbs beautifully. Crown vetch would look great, but it is not a culinary herb. Try thymes- S6470 Wild Thyme can be grown from seed in a propagation bed and later transplanted to the hill. It is best to do planting in difficult spots before the end of May.

Common Marjoram could be direct seeded and would eventually be very pretty.

[Editor’s note: There is an article on ground covers in the Magazine Rack section of this website.]

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