Dwarf Pomegranate Flowers II
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Carny Mg

Several years ago several members of our Society ordered dwarf pomegranate trees from you. Many of our plants are over five feet (1.5 meters) tall and at least five or six years old but none have bloomed. Can you possibly tell me why?

Some plants have to reach a certain age before they are mature enough to bloom. Once they bloom, cuttings rooted from wood that has flowered will retain its age-related programming and continue to bloom even if very small in size. However seed grown plants loose the "maturity " of their parent plant(s) and have to grow for whatever many years it takes to be mature enough to bloom. If this is the case patience is your only answer.

Another reason for failure to bloom could be insufficient sunlight. Over a period of two to three weeks move the plants into full sun in your garden for the summer. To further compensate for lack of sun, feed only with high phosphate, low nitrogen fertilizer(high middle number and low first number).

Underpotting the plants somewhat also often helps.

Also, don’t trim the plants for one or two years just in case the plant will only flower from one year or even two year old wood. Illustrations show the flowers emerging from the base of new growth.

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