Epazote Culture, Harvest
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Wanda Haffner

Can you tell me how tall Epazote gets. Also gowing conditions and how to harvest it and can it be dried? I can find how to use it but nothing on how to grow.

Epazote gets 30 to 120 centimeters tall depending on the soil it grows in. It will grow on almost any soil as long as it is well-drained, but prefers rich soil. Surface sow the seed and just press into the soil, because light stimulates germination. Pinch out tips to encourage bushiness. To harvest cut off portions above a bottom 15 centimeters(six inches)and use fresh or dry for later use by spreading it on a screen in a shady spot or tying it into a bundle and drying it by hanging the bundle in a dark but airy space.

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