Basil: When to Start Indoors and When to Plant Outdoors
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Frank Bussey

We have some Genovese basil seeds we bought from you. We live in downtown Toronto in a condominium with a balcony.

When should we start growing the seeds indoors and when should we move them outside.

You could start growing basil from seed anytime in the apartment. When the plants are a good size you can start using the trimmings for your food. After all frosts and cool nights are over ( in the Toronto area this is usually around June 1) you can plant the basils outdoors- after gradually exposing them to full sun first. The taste will be stronger and the growth sturdier in the unobstructed sunlight. Since even nights close to the freezing point damage basils you have to move any plants you want to keep for a while, indoors at the first hint of cold nights.

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