Mold Starting in Our Greenhouse
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Laurel Smith

We bought Echinacea angustifolia, St. Johnswort and feverfew seed. We had great germination results however now there is mold starting in our greenhouse and I was wondering how to stop it naturally as we are trying to grow this as organically as possible.

We had trouble with our fan system yesterday and the temperature got up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit before we realized it. It is fine now but this mold has now started and we are worried it might turn to blue mold and spread. Help!

Almost everything is up now and we aren’t quite sure of where we should be keeping the temperature now that everything has germinated. Also how often should it be watered? With so much sun now it appears to be drying out quicker, however I only watered it twice yesterday. Could this mold have started because I am watering too much or too heavily ?

Once seeds have germinated, most varieties should be grown at a cooler temperature. Also to discourage your mold water the last time no later than two o’clock in the afternoon. Once the roots are a little longer you can reduce watering frequency to further reduce mold growth.

If all else fails try a sulphur spray to control the fungus. Good air movement day and night is also esssential. Avoid crowding of plants to make the spread of the fungus less easy. Sprinkling cinnamon powder onto the fungus could stop it too.

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