Frozen Lemongrass and Jamaican Mint
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: G. Jones

I have two plants that were touched by frost and I would like to know if they are salvagable?

Lemon Grass

Jamacian Mint

Both of the plants are brown. For the Lemon Grass I have cut off all the brown leaves and just left the stems (which are also brown), for the Jamaican mint, I just trimmed the plant to about ten centimeters (four inches).

Occasionally, the part of the plant left in the soil does not get frozen and will sprout again after taking some time to get over the shock of the frost damage. However, it almost sounds as if the plants had been in the cold long enough for the pot to reach the same low temperature as the air. In that case nothing will sprout and you will have to replace the plants. You will not know for a few weeks. If there is still life in the stems new growth should appear in that time. For now, keep the soil evenly moist, taking great care not to overwater.

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