Compatibility of Herbs Growing in Raised Beds
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: A. J.

I’m preparing to grow herbs in a couple of raised beds in the back yard and I would like to know if some herbs are more compatable than others to be planted together. I will be planting basil, sage, dill, cilantro, oregano, thyme and garlic.

It is always a good idea to group plants by size so that for instance a monster like dill does not smother a small plant like cilantro. The tallest plants should be on the north end or the back of your bed and the shortest on the south end. You would therefore arrange the herbs with dill in the back, next garlic, then sage, then oregano, then thyme and finally cilantro on the south end or in the front of the bed.

I have not come across a reference that comments on the compatability of the herbs you are planning to grow. If you want to use the herbs for companion planting with your vegetables or flowers, then the garlic should go with the roses to discourage aphids and the basil with the tomatoes to enhance each others growth. Just make sure to stake the tomatoes or they will smother the basil.

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