Lavender Overwintered in Container Not Growing
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Kathy Rebuk

I was reading a Q&A that was posed about container gardening and lavender. I think that I likely killed mine, as it was in a container on my deck all winter (in Toronto - very cold), with no coverings except for the lavender stems that I cut off and about an inch of oak leaves. In the spring, when does it usually start to grow? I mean, when do I know for sure if I killed it or not? I have seen no growth so far, and it is already May!

In zone 5 here in Goodwood, the lavender planted outside is only starting to break bud right now. If your lavenders have been badly damaged but not killed, then it will take a little longer for them to sprout. Be patient until the end of May even though they are likely dead. Not having the pot at least partially buried in the soil, allows the temperature of the pot and content get down to air temperature -very quickly. This usually has fatal results.

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