Saffron Growing and Harvesting
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Edward J. Gayton III
Posted on: May 4, 1998

I am interested in growing saffron. I was hopeful that someone may be able to send me some information on type of climate, preferred soil,salinity requirement for water, how many flowers per bulb, growth rate and some harvesting information. Thank you very much for your assistance in advance! If this information coincides with the conditions of my property, I will be prepared to buy bulbs!!!

Great quantities of saffron are grown in Turkey and Spain. Saffron can survive zones 5-8 but in Zone five it needs a thick winter mulch to survive.

When the bulbs flower, the flower is picked by hand and the red stigmas protruding out of the side of the white or palest purple flowers are picked and dried.

The plants thrive in climates with hot dry summers. Their soil can be slightly acid to slightly alkaline.

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