Comfrey Wilting
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Phyllis Donaldson
Posted on: May 16, 1998

I planted a comfrey plant last year and it came back this year looking great. Then I moved it to another bed. That afternoon it looked very wilted, so I thought it was just adjusting to its new spot. The next day it perked backed up and looked great, but now it is leaning over and dying I guess. Can you transplant comfrey? I thought you couldn’t get rid of it?

Yes, comfrey is hard to kill!

Your comfrey should come back from the base with new shoots, assuming that you managed to transplant a portion of the thick rootstalk. There will be some foliage turnover where foliage that is no longer getting enough water and nutrients from the roots will be shed by the plant only to be replaced by new growth fed by new roots.

Remove the dying leaves as they turn yellow or brown, and keep the plant well watered to encourage new growth from the base.

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