Recent Shipment, Leaves Turning Brown
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Chad Rauchig
Posted on: May 26, 1998

I have ordered from you a few times and have had succuss with your products. Recently I got a shipment in of herbs. I’m having problems with a couple of the herbs. The leaves on the herbs aconite and pineapple mint are slowing turning brown. It first starts at the very tips of the leaves and finally just turns the whole leaf brown. The herbs are not putting on any new leaves, and I’m afraid that pretty soon the whole plant is going to die. I have tried giving the herbs less sun, thinking they were getting burned, and then giving the herb more sun. Nothing helps. I have good drainage. Any ideas?

Most likely the herbs became too dry at some point in the recent past and that killed their roots. They can therefore not take up any water and as a result the leaves turn brown. Pop the plants pot and all into a clean plastic bag or invert a large glass jar over the plants and leave them in a bright but shaded spot. Be sure that you keep the plant’s soil moist but not soggy. They should make new roots and then be OK without a cover. Leave covered until they make new growth, at which time the roots should be regrown.

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