Deer Repellent Herbs
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Ron Inyart
Posted on: June 2, 1998

Is there an herb that I can use and/or grow to keep deer out of my garden?

The only herb that I know of that is supposed to keep rabbits and deer out of an area is nasturtium. Grow a one meter (three foot) wide band around the area to be protected. It should look gorgeous even if it does nothing else!

Have you tied hanging cloth bags full of blood meal at one meter intervals around the area to be protected? The bags should be the size of moth sachets, that is about seven by ten centimeters. They will fertilize your plants even if they do nothing else! The rain will gradually wash away the contents and it will then have to be replaced. Ahem, human urine dribbled around the area to be protected is supposed to work too!

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