Basic Herb Growing
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Kelly Rogers
Posted on: June 2, 1998

I am a first time herb grower, I am currently growing cooking herbs such as cilantro, dill, sweet basil, oregano, etc.. I am not sure about the cultivation times for them, do you know of any sites that would help?

Annuals will generally be ready for a first harvest two to three months after sowing. In perennials you may have to wait twice as long or more. If you want at least a small harvest of a perennial the first year it would be a good idea to purchase a plant rather than seeds or start the seeds very early indoors. For winter growing you may have to get a flourescent strip light to augment the weak winter light to get strong plants.

To help you with your growing you may wish to purchase some excellent books such as B2190 :A Creative Step-by-steo Guide to Growing Herbs, B2375: Culinary Herbs, or the excellent B2730: Encyclopedia of Herbs & their Uses. Check out our offerings in the online catalogue.

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