Scented Geranium Flowering
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: John Korver
Posted on: June 16, 1998

When we buy scented geraniums (pelargoniums): they have flowers or buds that bloom. Then they never bloom again. We have had some for up to seven years without flowering. How can we get them to flower regularly?

Scented geraniums require a lot of light to bloom. Their normal flowering period is spring, yet it is difficult to give them strong light in early spring unless you have a greenhouse or a very bright flourescent light set-up.

Most scented geraniums are bred from species originating from South Africa and therefore require a cool winter. You could try overwintering them in an unobstructed south window in a cool room and then summering them in the garden by gradually exposing them to full sunlight as soon as it no longer freezes out of doors.

To compensate for some of the lack of light you could fertilize your plants regularly with a high phosphate fertilizer. The phosphate is the middle number in the series of numbers given to describe fertilizers, e.g. 15-30-15.

If that does not work you can always console yourself with the fact that only very few scented geraniums have flowers worth waiting for! They are grown for their lovely scents - so enjoy!

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