Syrian Rue
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Sue Menu
Posted on: June 16, 1998

Last month we received 14 Syrian Rue plants from you. We repotted them as you suggested, but about five of them are not looking very good. They are all brown and seem brittle. Will they pull out of this or not? How moist does the soil need to be for this plant? In all, we ordered 14 plants, and the rest seem to be doing better. Also, will they winter over in Utah if we plant them outside?

Syrian rue likes well-drained to dry soil and prefers a lean soil. The plants were probably stressed by the transport to you and repotting them right away might have been the last straw! Keep the pots barely moist and keep the pots outside for the summer and if the roots are still alive then the plants will sprout new tops and will be OK later in the summer. Unfortunately Syrian rue is only hardy in zones 7-9 and would therefore only survive the winters in the southernmost central part of Utah.

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