Chinese Wolfberry
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Robert & Jean Drysdale
Posted on: June 16, 1998

We recently purchased wolfberry plants and seeds from you. Could you tell us how long it takes for this plant to mature and to produce berries? There is some confusion as to whether it is a bush or vine?

Most woody plants have to reach their mature size before their "flowering -fruiting" programme gets switched on. Wolfberry is a bush with somewhat clambering branches - hence the confusion about it being a bush or a vine: it can’t make up its mind either! It reaches maturity at about three meters of height (about ten feet) and the closer to optimal your growing conditions are the faster the plant is going to be of mature size and start to flower. I suspect it will take at least three to four years.

A lack of tropical sun can often be compensated for by using a high phosphate fertilizer (will have a high middle number). Try using it to get the plant to flower and fruit as early as possible.

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