Tea Garden
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Kim
Posted on: June 23, 1998

I am a new home owner with a sizable area of my new yard that is not landscaped. I am interested in planting a tea herb garden and was wondering what kinds of herbs would do the best for that in zone 9. Both plots are bordered by a redwood fence on one side and a cement landscaping curb on the other which separates the bed and the lawn. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In your climate you will be able to overwinter some of the best teaplants without any trouble. With lemon verbena against the fence and maybe pineapple sage in front of it, you will have wonderfully fragrant plants that make a lovely tea from the clippings.

Our "tea time" seed collection #S7515 would be a great choice as well. It contains anise-hyssop, lemon balm, chamomile, menthol mint and bergamot. Do sink some container into the soil to contain any mint you might wish to plant. The choice in mints is wonderful if you plan to get potted plants. Seed grown mints are very variable and the clippings of most of the seedlings will have to be dried before being suitable for teas. For the bergamot in the seed collection, you will have to keep the soil well watered during your hot summers, to make it as lush as it should be. The gorgeous flowers will be formed on any shoots you do not harvest.

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