Passion Flower Cuttings
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Lavendar
Posted on: July 14, 1998

I bought a passion vine a couple of years ago and it is now growing through my fence. My neighbor saw this lovely plant and is wild over it. She told my other neighbor and now everyones looking over my fence. I would like to propagate this plant for them. How do I do this?

Passion flowers can be propagated by semi-ripe cuttings taken in the summer and rooted in a moist sterile medium put into a sterile pot and the whole thing covered by a clean plasic bag. . We have an excellent book on how to do it in exhaustive detail called " Growing Herbs from Seed, Cutting & Root" Thomas deBaggio (#B4280). You might wish to purchase the book if you feel a little timid about being able to supply the neighbourhood with plantlets produced from your plant!

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